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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Biggest spider I have ever seen in a house!

This spider was found in my bathroom! My son thought it was one of my youngest sons fake bugs! Could you imagine if he would have touched it? Oh he would have needed to go to the hospital! I have never seen a wild spider so big in my entire life!


  1. Pardon my French, but holy crap! Did you kill it or let it go outside? I hate bugs!

  2. I'm not exactly sure, I know they left it in that Snapple bottle. My husband wanted to put like that liquid glass or something to preserve it. I haven't seen it since. It was the size of the whole bottom of the Snapple bottle, if it were to walk! Yes crazy!

  3. Some spiders are dangerous.That looks like a black widow spider to me.They have neurotoxins and can be lethal. I know they are seen in America.

  4. I just never saw one so big! Dr. Anthony you see them and they are no bigger than a quarter. Thank god, my son didn't go to pick it up thinking it was a fake spider! My 3 year old is crazy about bugs! He has all kinds of fake ones, and my older boy thought it was a fake one! He was going to grab it, then he seen it move. I'm so afraid of spiders! I'm just happy it was noticed and no one got hurt. That would have probably seriously hurt even an adult, I'm just happy my 3 year old didn't find it!