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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family trip to knoebels!

So yesterday we went to Knoebels, we had a great time. It was my husband, Zach my second to youngest son, Xander my youngest son, My sister Melanie, her son (my nephew) Stevie, her boyfriend, his mother, & his brother. I'm just writing about this because this was definitely one of the most happiest days of my life. I've had a rough few months. We really didn't do anything all summer, the weather wasn't really all that great and with remodeling my home, our pocket book has been a little tight. My sister and I didn't always get along but since we both have been going through some pretty difficult issues with our mother we have been building a really good relationship. That's a great thing I don't have much family (that I can trust). But our day was great my son Xander who just turned 3 years old in July wanted to go on every ride. Last year we went he cried on every ride, I thought it was going to happen again this year. But it didn't I was sooo happy for him he enjoyed the entire day with no nap. He wanted to repeat rides, he even went on the log ride, the water ride with the big hill. It probably seemed sooo high to him being so little. I guess the main reason I'm sharing this is because 1. I'm happy. 2. I need to feel more closeness and support from my extended family. And 3. When your child is young and you try something, they don't like it......... Don't get discouraged. Try again. I hope next year when we go he will be happy and want to go on everything with or without someone with him. He makes me so proud. But I hate the fact that time goes so fast. My baby is growing up and pretty soon I'm going to blink and he will be going to school. Its a very hard thing for a mother to deal with. Well I'm going to try and sleep. Thank you for reading! Cassie! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

I HAVE BEEN WONDERING, SINCE I SEEN THE GADGET.................................

The Gadget for Google Checkout........ It says to add it to your blog for people to donate money to you for what you write. DO people actually send bloggers money just for them writing? Just to read the Blog? I seen it as a gadget we Blogger.com people can add, but since I've been reading up on my blogging and information I have see it a few times. I've been looking into other blogging sites.

I don't know, it would be very kind for people to do so. I guess I just see more of the nasty, selfish, and also poor side of life. If I did have money to just give away, also had regular blogging buddies........ I'd probably send them money for the entertainment and relationship we would have build. But I doubt I will ever have money to just give away... All I know is if I'm ever a millionaire I will be very charitable, but all I want out of life is to live comfortable, bills paid. I would LOVE at least one vacation to the beach every year! I would never want to have the means to were I'd spoil my children..

We parents are suppose to raise our children to be better than we were, NOT to have more than we had!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was on my blog for a little while today, in between my little man pulling me away, and beating me up!!
But I still have not figured out why when you go on my site it goes to the bottom of the page!!!!!

I went to Webmaster Tools and I do have a few errors but I'm going to have to delete whole posts and see if that works.. But I don't want to until I could repost them without the amazon ad in them. I do NOT however have malware or anything on my site. SO I WASN'T hacked thank god!

I did a lot more reading today. OMG I SWEAR HALF OF THESE SITES ARE FULL OF POOP!!!!
They say one thing and then another, all within a few posts! WELL I know one thing that I see A LOT of bloggers say and do Is keep their sites pretty basic. White background black words and whatever dullness in between... THAT IS ONE THING I WONT LISTEN TO I LOVE COLOR! I AM COLOR!

I will start writing more as I figure out my issue, and I figure out exactly what I want to write about. I'm stuck in my head with a lot of choices. I don't really like it. But I will decide I am sure whatever followers I gain over the next few months will either will be pleased! Thank you 4 READING!!!!! Cassie!!! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

I was Having Problems--Also get Great ideas and I forget!

The other night I was trying to post a blog post. For some reason it wouldn't post I tried 3 times and re wrote it. It wouldn't even save. I've been reading a lot of stuff on blogging and how to make extra money doing so. I found a lot of useful information doing so. But I get great ideas in my head and I forget to write it down. That's a bad habit. Also its summer time and with my family I don't have a whole lot of time to sit on the computer and write.

I will say for now that a lot of these "How to make money blogging" and "How to blog" websites and blogs are just for you to get on their websites and blogs and hope you click on their ads. A lot of them are just useless information. I realized recently I also have a pretty short attention span and memory. I don't know if its because its summer and right now I don't have time to myself or what is going on. But I would love to weed out the information pages that I find helpful and ones that are no use. They actually contradict what they write. So if I find the secret to this "Million Dollar" know how question, average people want to know to just make a couple extra dollars for their families. I will share it!

So far I have not!! I will keep on reading and keep on posting. Thank you for reading! Cassie!