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Monday, August 8, 2011

I was Having Problems--Also get Great ideas and I forget!

The other night I was trying to post a blog post. For some reason it wouldn't post I tried 3 times and re wrote it. It wouldn't even save. I've been reading a lot of stuff on blogging and how to make extra money doing so. I found a lot of useful information doing so. But I get great ideas in my head and I forget to write it down. That's a bad habit. Also its summer time and with my family I don't have a whole lot of time to sit on the computer and write.

I will say for now that a lot of these "How to make money blogging" and "How to blog" websites and blogs are just for you to get on their websites and blogs and hope you click on their ads. A lot of them are just useless information. I realized recently I also have a pretty short attention span and memory. I don't know if its because its summer and right now I don't have time to myself or what is going on. But I would love to weed out the information pages that I find helpful and ones that are no use. They actually contradict what they write. So if I find the secret to this "Million Dollar" know how question, average people want to know to just make a couple extra dollars for their families. I will share it!

So far I have not!! I will keep on reading and keep on posting. Thank you for reading! Cassie!


  1. Hmmmm...

    - When I opened your page, I somehow got sent to the bottom automatically. Not sure why.
    - I've heard other people complaining about vanishing blog posts. Blogger is going through some changes right now, so maybe this is affecting posting and saving. To be super-safe, you might want to write your posts offline in Wordpad or Notepad or Word, and then copy the text into your blog post. This won't help much with links and photos, though.
    - There's an old joke about get rish quick schemes. Guy answers and ad that says "Send me $10 and I'll tell you how to get rich quick!" So he sends the guy his money, and gets his response: "Convince a bunch of suckers to send you $10."

    Most of the stuff I've read about getting rich through blogging is pretty horrible. It usually involves creating hundreds of fake blogs, with content you've bought (or, more likely, stolen) - dozens of new posts going up every day, a new post every few minutes even, and ads everywhere. You've probably come across a few sites like this. I tried to create a blog about Solar Energy in NEPA, and in researching other solar energy sites for information and links, discovered that most of them were just copying and reposting articles from other sites and slapping ads all over them. I have a feeling it's like that with a lot of sites.

    Still, I know a few bloggers who have been able to earn a living from their blogs. Not all of them post on a single topic, or post regularly - Allie Brosh goes weeks or even months between posts. Here are some of them!

    Josh Fruhlinger. Daily posts about comic strips. Always funny, with a large, loyal following. Earns money from ads. I think he also has a job in real life, at least part of the time.

    Phil Plait. Daily posts about astronomy, science, and skepticism. Paid by Discover magazine, I think. Has spun off several books and a TV series.

    Jen Yates. Phenomenally popular blog about when professional cakes go wrong. Released a book in 2009, with another coming later this year. Money from ads and, I think, sponsorships. Also blogs at http://www.epbot.com/ .

    Allie Brosh. Wildly, insanely popular blog consisting largely of hysterically autobiographical stories crudely illustrated. Sometimes months go by without a new post. Has exceeded the limit on people who can follow her. Has a book coming out next year. Money from ads.

    I don't know if these can serve as any sort of guide. I'd like to say "regular posts on a single topic" might be the key, but Allie Brosh blows all that away. But these are all good, fun blogs. (And, oddly enough, every one of them is by a blogger with a public identity.)

  2. Hi Cassie! Blogger can be glitchy. The more gadgets and widgets you have on your blog, the more buggy it can get. Here is a link to the blogger help forum. Sometimes you can find/get answers there:
    I tried to monetize my blog once, but since I don't get many visitors, I just cancelled everything.

  3. Echo, Same thing happened to me, I went right to the bottom of my page. Well the other day when this was going on I was on amazon.com setting up some ads. maybe that was why. BUT there definitely is issues with Blogger and their gadgets. I know some aren't working. I'm not looking to be rich from blogging, I'm just looking to make extra money. With a family of 5 I can use whatever I can get. its almost the end of summer and we haven't really done anything. If all me blogging would do is take us on a vacation every year I would be SUPER HAPPY! I have realized that a lot of the "how to blog" blogs tell you to stick to the same thing and write about it. But if you think about it, you found their blog through a search engine and it only comes up that blog not the whole post. SO my opinion is figure out what people are interested in and write posts. Some will follow and some will never see your blog again. But I realize the "How to" Blogs do the best as far as traffic of any kind. All I know is many different websites said it wont happen over night. Also you have to try different things. Change your blogs name. Anything for different key words. Thank you for all the info! I will read it as soon as I can. Cassie!

  4. I don't know if this helps at all with the going-to-the-bottom problem, but this is the URL that displays when I come to this page through the site feed:


    Here's what I would normally expect to see:

    Not sure what all that extra stuff is.

  5. Cassie, Ever try selling on Ebay? It's how I make extra money.

  6. Echo, I think it could actually be the Amazon.com ads....... BECAUSE the night I was setting them up was the night, I couldn't post. Since I've been having the issue your talking about. I'm going to try and close that account, and delete the ads. Then I guess we will see what happens.

    Clamco, Yes I do and did have a store. But the fees got high, also I made the mistake of selling out of the USA and they said they never received the item. Actually it was 2 women that lived in Canada, they had the same last name but different addresses. I didn't realize this but they both ordered the same item and both said they didn't get it. SOOOO through all that you can't sell on e-bay my fees were high, I was a power seller & had a store. PayPal put a hold on my account. Until it got settled it was quite a while. I know E-bay and PayPal are owned by the same people, but I rather deal with PayPal's customer service than E-bay they are rotten!! Long story short they made me mad. I just decided to give the internet another chance, so I chose to try out amazon. Cassie!!:)