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Friday, August 12, 2011

I HAVE BEEN WONDERING, SINCE I SEEN THE GADGET.................................

The Gadget for Google Checkout........ It says to add it to your blog for people to donate money to you for what you write. DO people actually send bloggers money just for them writing? Just to read the Blog? I seen it as a gadget we Blogger.com people can add, but since I've been reading up on my blogging and information I have see it a few times. I've been looking into other blogging sites.

I don't know, it would be very kind for people to do so. I guess I just see more of the nasty, selfish, and also poor side of life. If I did have money to just give away, also had regular blogging buddies........ I'd probably send them money for the entertainment and relationship we would have build. But I doubt I will ever have money to just give away... All I know is if I'm ever a millionaire I will be very charitable, but all I want out of life is to live comfortable, bills paid. I would LOVE at least one vacation to the beach every year! I would never want to have the means to were I'd spoil my children..

We parents are suppose to raise our children to be better than we were, NOT to have more than we had!

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