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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have been doing LOTS of research on things to do in the eastern side of PA and also NJ

There is really A LOT to do! It would take me forever to post everything! So I'm Going to Pretty much quick post everything I find. 

Stuff I'm Personally interested in I will take more time on that Blog. Otherwise you will get a little bit of info for each thing then the website link for further information. 

I didn't know there was this much to do between Museums, Parks, Zoo's, ETC.

So I hope you find this all helpful in finding something to do during summer and even the winter months! It just wont be so detailed! 

Also if you have been somewhere that is in the Eastern side of PA that I don't have on here please tell me about it! Because my Husband and I just realized we wont be able to take a week beach vacation. Now we will only be able to take a few day trips and I would like to choose wisely! Thank you!! Cassie!

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