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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I haven't really Blogged much, haven't had time until I checked my email.

Hello again, I really haven't found time to blog, but I got a comment. I didn't realize there was a NEPA blog, and that I would be put on it.. So now I guess my idea for blogging about my garden, that I have already took before pictures of. Also I will take after pictures of. I will post them and blog about my yard.

Also I wanted to blog about things to do in pennsylvania and surrounding states, for things to do in the summer time. cheap day and even weekend trips. I didn't know I was on the radar for blogging, so I wasn't sure how much time I should put into this. But now since I know people will be on my blog reading, I will post and enjoy having readers and throwing around ideas. So thank you to anothermonkey.blogspot.com and also nepablogs.blogspot.com

Cassie! :)

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